Leo Blondel

Pro Bono Humani Generis

Who am I ?

I am a French Biology student interested in quantitative biology. I have a Master 1 in Developmental Biology and a Master 2 in System's Biology. I did most of my study at the Ecole Normale Superieure ULM, located in Paris, France. During my years of study, I worked as an intern at the Riken, Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Japan under the supervision of Prof. Nishikawa, at Harvard University, in the USA under the supervision of Prof. Eggan, and at the Max Planck Molgen Institute, in Berlin, Germany, under the supervision of Dr. Wierling. For a more extensive view of my curiculum you can look up my Curiculum Vitae.

Current Position

I am currently doing my PhD in the laboratory of Cassandra Extavour at Harvard University where I am performing research on the gene landscape modification during the development of Parhyale Hawaiensis.